CPSISC Website Resources  (CPC24)
CPSISC Website Resources  (CPC24)
This course takes you through the latest resources on the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council (CPCSIC)
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Construction Industry Hazards and Controls (CPC28)
Construction Industry Hazards and Controls (CPC28)
Lessons Include: 1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 2. Fall Protection 3. Elevated Work Platforms 4. Material Handling and Storage 5. Power Tools and Electrical Safety 6. Hazardous Communication Program 7. Fire Protection
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Construction Learning Resources (CPC29)
Construction Learning Resources (CPC29)
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LLN Resources for Construction Students (CPC30)
LLN Resources for Construction Students (CPC30)
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Construction Code of Practice (CPC31)
Construction Code of Practice (CPC31)
Inside this code of practice is the Safe work method Statement template and exemplay for construction students as well as the instructions for safety in construction.
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Sample Industry Safety Policy and Procedures (CPC32)
Sample Industry Safety Policy and Procedures (CPC32)
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TAE Draft 2 Validation Webinar (TAE25)
TAE Draft 2 Validation Webinar (TAE25)
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Taking the Lead (TAE26)
Taking the Lead (TAE26)
Welcome to Taking the Lead, the one-stop shop for information and advice on developing core language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills.
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IBSA LLN Videos (TAE27)
IBSA LLN Videos (TAE27)
A series of videos to accompany the Building Strong Foundations web resources on the IBSA website. Visit for more info.
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Oral Communications in Bahasa Indonesian (VCS2016)
Oral Communications in Bahasa Indonesian (VCS2016)
This course enables students to use and understand very simple and commonly used expressions in Indonesian (Bahasa) It covers activities, such as welcoming and farewelling customers, providing face-to-face routine customer service and other...
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